3 Tips for Humanizing Your Brand


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People want to do business with people. Over the past few years, there have been several initiatives encouraging people to shop local and support small businesses. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that people want to know who they are supporting by giving a certain brand their business. Small businesses will typically have an easier time humanizing their brands simply because their businesses are smaller. But, just in case you need a little extra help, here are 3 tips for humanizing your brand.

Tip 1: Use Photos of People

We’ve touched on this idea in some other posts, but people respond well to other people. Marketing your business requires creating connections with your customers. One great way to create those connections is to let your customers see the faces behind your products or services. Share staff spotlights and photos from company events (like picnics or holiday parties). This can help customers get a better feel for your business and remember it better than cold, faceless companies.

Tip 2: Use Conversational Copy

Copywriting is an important part of most business materials. Whether it’s your website, your social media, or your printed items, some form of copywriting is bound to be involved. Write your company’s copy in a conversational tone. This can help customers feel like you’re talking to them instead of talking at them. Use simple phrasing and words that are easy to understand. And, remember to keep your copy customer-focused instead of product or service-focused. To check if your copy is conversational, read it out loud. Does it sound warm and natural or cold and forced?

Tip 3: Build a Brand Personality

One of the best ways to help people relate to your business is to build a personality into your brand. For example, Wendy’s has built a distinct personality through their Twitter page. They’re known for their humorous, sassy replies. People can relate to this because it feels similar to the kind of teasing you might get from a buddy. Humor is a great way to build connections with your customers, but you don’t have to go that route (and, depending on your business, it may not always be the most appropriate route). You can build your brand’s personality around informing customers, inspiring them, or challenging them to try new things. Whatever route you take, find a consistent voice that suits your brand. This will help customers build a stronger connection with your business.

In Conclusion

Humanizing your brand can help you build more connections and create an overall better experience for your customers. Better customer experiences will lead to more return customers and more referrals to your business. For help with creating a brand and giving it a personality, contact Bold River Marketing. We can help you promote your business and make a good impression on your customers.

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