3 Steps to a Google Friendly Site

While all major search engines use some form of search engine optimization, Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine available. Unlike some search engines, Google strives to promote quality content over fluff. It rewards sites with the most helpful information by giving them higher spots on the results pages. These spots are determined by GoogleBot, … Read more3 Steps to a Google Friendly Site

Does My Business Need Marketing?

Marketing can be hard to quantify. It often takes time to see the results you’re looking for, and it can feel like a lot of trying and failing along the way. You may find yourself asking “Does my business really need marketing?” It does. Here are 3 ways that marketing will benefit your business in … Read moreDoes My Business Need Marketing?

Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a unique social platform that offers some cool marketing opportunities. It doubles as a search engine and has its own form of SEO. YouTube also has a vast amount of users, a lot of which use the site daily, and can provide you with some enormous growth potential. And, unlike almost all other … Read moreMarketing on YouTube

2 Things You Got Wrong About Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in running a successful business. Without marketing, your business is likely to plateau or even fail. Below are a couple of misconceptions business owners have about marketing and why you should think about those misconceptions differently. “I’ll market more when I get bigger.” This is a fairly common response to … Read more2 Things You Got Wrong About Marketing

Picking Promotional Items

One part of marketing that’s been around for decades is the promotional item. Take a quick look around your house or office and you’re sure to find at least one of the following branded things: pens, note pads, stress balls, or calendars. There are, of course, a whole plethora of promotional items available beyond just … Read morePicking Promotional Items

Picking the Right Social Media Platform

Marketing on social media can be a great opportunity. 72% of U.S. adults use social media. Of that 72%, around half are using social media daily, and roughly another quarter are using it weekly. There are very few other marketing options that will be able to get you the kind of reach that social media … Read morePicking the Right Social Media Platform

Should Non-profits Market Themselves?

Non-profit organizations, sometimes called not-for-profits, are charitable organizations that do not seek to gain a profit for the owner(s) of the organization. Instead, non-profits raise funds for specific goals or services to meet various needs locally, nationally, and even internationally. There are over 1 million non-profits in the United States (Source: Council of Nonprofits). Just … Read moreShould Non-profits Market Themselves?

Do I Need a Logo?

One of the first things any business or organization needs is a logo. Logos are a visual representation of your business/organization, the services you offer, the products you sell, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of your brand. They can be simple or complex. They can be colorful and bold, or monochromatic and … Read moreDo I Need a Logo?

3 Reasons Why Contractors Should Use Online Marketing

Contractors, like all small businesses, should have an online presence to make it easier for current and future customers to find them. When you’re a contractor, you typically go to your customers to perform services like plumbing, roofing, or other building repairs. You can’t always rely on a storefront to remind people about your business. … Read more3 Reasons Why Contractors Should Use Online Marketing