Picking Colors for Your Brand

We’ve already talked about logos, branding, and color systems (be sure to check out those posts if you haven’t yet). In this post, we’re going to talk about 3 different color palettes and provide you with some tips on picking one for your brand. Back to basics For starters, it’s important to know the basics … Read morePicking Colors for Your Brand

4 Color Systems You Should Know

So, you’ve started a new company. You have a logo figured out. You have some branding in mind. At this point, you’ve likely already picked some colors you want to use. Here is some helpful information about different color systems and how to use them. X marks the spot color Pantone colors, or the Pantone … Read more4 Color Systems You Should Know

Designing with C.R.A.P.

Design is, essentially, a system by which you organize information. Good design tells a story or communicates a message in a way that is both easily understood and aesthetically pleasing. It is the intersection between substance and flash. If you’re unfamiliar with design, it can be difficult to determine what makes certain designs effective and … Read moreDesigning with C.R.A.P.

Do I Need a Logo?

One of the first things any business or organization needs is a logo. Logos are a visual representation of your business/organization, the services you offer, the products you sell, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of your brand. They can be simple or complex. They can be colorful and bold, or monochromatic and … Read moreDo I Need a Logo?