Marketing for Churches


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Churches and marketing don’t always have a strong association between them. The word “marketing” can feel very business-y. Merriam-Webster defines marketing as “the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market” or “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” While that is true, you can also think of marketing as a tool with many uses. Below are a couple of ways that marketing can be used to help churches.

Promoting community events

A lot of churches hold community events, both on and off church property. Most churches have a pretty good internal structure of communication, but sometimes it can be hard to reach people who do not regularly attend your church. Marketing your events can help you to do that. By using local channels, like a regional newspaper or an electronic sign, you can let your community know about the events you have planned. You can also take advantage of online marketing and use a website or social media to spread the word.

Reaching new congregants

In addition to promoting events, online marketing is especially important for churches that want to reach new congregants. According to Pew Research, 93% of U.S. adults use the internet. If people are new to the area, or new to the faith, they’ll likely to turn to Google when trying to find a church. By having a church website and social media pages, your church will be more likely to show up in their searches. From there, you can introduce people to your church’s mission statement, your positions on doctrine, and maybe even some examples of sermons.

Marketing YOUR church

Marketing can never take the place of evangelism, but it can make it easier for people to find your church and have their questions answered. At Bold River Marketing, we understand that churches need to steward their funding carefully. Because of this, we are able to work with churches on virtually any budget to help them accomplish their goals. Contact us for a free consultation and review of your current website and online presence. We’d love to help you reach new audiences, so give us a call today!