7 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Following


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Starting a new social media account may seem a little daunting at first, but it can be a worthwhile investment when marketing your small business. Twitter—a social media site that allows you to communicate with small posts—can be a good place to build up a following. Twitter is a great place to put out information you want your audience to see and to make connections with the people who follow your brand. Growing a following from nothing can feel challenging, though, so here are 7 tips to help you increase your Twitter following:

1. Tweet Consistently 

It’s important for you to stay consistent, especially in the beginning. By not posting, you are taking away the chance for possible followers to find you. Try to keep your content on a schedule when you are starting out. You can create a content calendar, plan out some ideas you want to post about, and keep to that schedule. This will help you find your voice on Twitter and it will help you avoid running out of content ideas.

2. Tap into Your Existing Customer Base 

To get started with your Twitter account, upload your existing email contacts and let your customers know that you’re on Twitter. Follow them to create some connections. Your biggest fans are the people who already know and trust your business. Existing customers can give you a good foundation on which to start.

3. Share Useful, Relevant Content

You want to make sure that the content you are posting is appealing to your audience and adds value to their feed. Inform them about something related to your field, entertain them, or inspire them. You can also use hashtags and keywords to introduce more people to your account.

4. Post Visual Content 

You can add a visual component to your posts as well text. Visuals can be very eye-catching, so adding media to your tweets can help them to stand out. Stick to photos or illustrations that match your brand. You should also make sure that you make your images accessible. You can do this by using an image description (alt text) to describe the images you tweet.

5. Interact with Others 

Twitter is all about making connections. You should try to follow others that are in the same industry as you. Retweet influencers, engage with others in the community, and reply to customers to increase your engagement and connections. Contribute to the conversations that are already happening and start some of your own.

6. Promote Your @ Everywhere You Can 

You want to put your brand out as much as you can. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature and your newsletters. Promote it offline by placing it on business cards or other printed materials. If you’re already set up on other social media platforms, you can promote it there as well. There are people who want to follow you so let them know where they can find you. (For example, you can give us a follow on Twitter @Bold_River 😉 )

7. Run a Followers Campaign

Gaining organic followers may take some time, so while you are doing that you can also run a paid followers campaign. This is a way for you to promote your account to targeted audiences. Twitter is set up so that you only have to pay when someone follows you after seeing your ads. You can set the maximum amount you want to spend and the dates you want your campaign to run. This can give you a good jumping off point if you are struggling with organic followers.

In conclusion

If you are interested in marketing your small business through Twitter, contact Bold River Marketing. We can help you set up your account, create content, and manage posts on your behalf so you can be free to focus on your business.