3 Steps to a Google Friendly Site

While all major search engines use some form of search engine optimization, Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine available. Unlike some search engines, Google strives to promote quality content over fluff. It rewards sites with the most helpful information by giving them higher spots on the results pages. These spots are determined by GoogleBot, … Read more3 Steps to a Google Friendly Site

2 Things You Got Wrong About Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in running a successful business. Without marketing, your business is likely to plateau or even fail. Below are a couple of misconceptions business owners have about marketing and why you should think about those misconceptions differently. “I’ll market more when I get bigger.” This is a fairly common response to … Read more2 Things You Got Wrong About Marketing

3 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging

When you set out to create a website for your business, there are several pieces of information to include. One piece that may be less obvious is the blog. Nowadays you can find blogs on virtually any topic. From cooking to photography to looking for Bigfoot to crocheting the perfect sweater, blogs are a great … Read more3 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging

Should Non-profits Market Themselves?

Non-profit organizations, sometimes called not-for-profits, are charitable organizations that do not seek to gain a profit for the owner(s) of the organization. Instead, non-profits raise funds for specific goals or services to meet various needs locally, nationally, and even internationally. There are over 1 million non-profits in the United States (Source: Council of Nonprofits). Just … Read moreShould Non-profits Market Themselves?

What is SEO & Where Do I Start?

Defining SEO Search engine optimization—more commonly known as SEO—is a method you can use so your website and other internet content appears higher on the results page of a search engine. Most SEO tips are geared toward Google because it is the most widely used search engine. Bing and Yahoo both have similar tips. In … Read moreWhat is SEO & Where Do I Start?