Events for Berks County Businesses


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If you’ve checked out our list of marketing tips, you know one of them is attending local events. Local events can put the name of your small business out there. You can make connections with potential customers, and you can build relationships with other businesses. Through your business, you can also sponsor the events in your community and show your neighbors that you care. Bold River Marketing is based in Berks County, so we’d like to tell other Berks County businesses about some local events in which your business can participate.

Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue is held in West Reading every June. It is primarily a crafts festival, but businesses are welcome to participate as well. There are live bands and local food vendors. The festival lasts for one day and stretches over four blocks in West Reading. Businesses located in West Reading get a discount on pricing, and the public can attend for free.

For more information on Art on the Avenue, check out Visit West Reading’s website.


The PA BBQ Fest is held at Jim Dietrich’s Park at the end of June. It is a two-day event with lots of delicious BBQ and other foods available for purchase. Along with food, there are live bands, local artists, and attractions for children. Commercial vendors are also able to secure spots and bring a tent.

For more information, here is PA BBQ Fest’s website.

Northern Berks Police National Night Out

National Night Out is sponsored by the Northern Berks Police and is “an annual community-building campaign, promoting police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie.” Local businesses and groups from Berks County get together for one night in August to have fun, eat yummy food, watch fireworks, and create a stronger community. It is free for the public to attend.

For more on National Night Out, check out their Facebook page.

Oley Community Fair

The Oley Valley Community Fair has been held for 75 years. It is located at the Oley Fairgrounds and lasts for 3 days every September. There are lots of attractions including: farm animals, giant pumpkin contests, photography and art from local artists, live bands, and more. Many businesses in and around Oley come to promote themselves with giveaways and fun activities.

For more about the Oley Fair, here’s their website.

Taste of Hamburger Festival

A popular festival, Taste of Hamburger is “the east coast’s Premier Hamburger Event.” It is a one-day event in Hamburg that takes place every September. In addition to all of the delicious burgers, there is live music, local vendors, and contests. As a business, you can either secure a spot for a tent or sponsor the event for various amounts.

For more information, check Taste of Hamburger’s website.

Fall into Fleetwood Main Street Fair

Fall into Fleetwood is a fair hosted on Main Street in Fleetwood for one day in October. It is a fair for local vendors and businesses to meet people from the community and build connections. There is live music, storytelling, and raffles. It is free for the public.

For more, here is Fall into Fleetwood’s website.

In Conclusion

There are, of course, lots of other events in and around Berks County. The type of business and the type of customers you want to attract will help you determine which events you should attend. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to give you an idea of what’s happening and where you can start making connections.

If you’d like help preparing for any of these events, Bold River Marketing offers graphic design services and videography. We can help you create printed materials and promotional videos to use at these events. Contact us for help with marketing your small business.