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  • 3 Accessibility Tips for your Website

    When you set up a website for your small business, there are lots of things to keep in mind. We’ve previously discussed SEO tips and best practices for Google. One of Google’s main goals is to provide users with quality results for the questions they ask, and part of what helps them determine the quality…


  • What is People-First Content?

    Google recently announced a change in one of their ranking algorithms that will promote people-first content. This is one of many developments they have made to ensure better search results for users. But what is people-first content, exactly, and how does it impact marketing for your small business? People first, then bots People-first content is,…


  • What is SEO & Where Do I Start?

    Defining SEO Search engine optimization—more commonly known as SEO—is a method you can use so your website and other internet content appears higher on the results page of a search engine. Most SEO tips are geared toward Google because it is the most widely used search engine. Bing and Yahoo both have similar tips. In…