When it comes to accurately capturing the expressions on the face of a witness, a cold transcript just doesn’t cut it. That’s why video depositions are becoming more popular. The hesitation in a witness’s voice, the shifting eyes that hint at deception, and the long pause to make up an answer can all be captured on video in a way that paper won’t convey.

It’s not just witnesses who should be captured on video during a deposition: opposing counsel’s behavior is better documented in a visual medium than in writing. When you’re up against an attorney who is belligerent or known for blowups, having it all on film can support your motion for sanctions.

Video depositions also help you prepare for trial. The ability to assess a witness with other attorneys and support staff is greatly enhanced by watching them even several years after the fact. And of course, showing a video to a jury blows the other options out of the water.

This is also why having a good video deposition is vital. Who wants a poorly lit or difficult to see video? Having a clear shot of the witness, clean audio, and good presentation are the entire reason you’re shooting in the first place. Video depositions are great for trial, and doing them well is worth the cost and effort.

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