Your logo is one of the first ways your business or organization can make an impression. Potential customers, donors, or collaborators will often see your logo before meeting you or hearing exactly what it is you do. A logo should represent your business well and be visually appealing. Your logo should also help your business to stand out from among your competitors. Logos should be recognizable and relatively simple (depending on your overall brand). They should be something you can use on a space as small as a business card all the way to something as big as a billboard.

There are some general types of logos to consider:

Two examples of typographic logos

Typographic logos – These logos are text-based. Think of your company name written out in a distinct, recognizable font. Or, they might be more like a monogram, using only the first initial(s) of your company name. Either way, the key to a successful typographic logo is the use of a memorable font and/or interesting text layout.

One example of a logo with an icon

Icon logos – These are image-based logos. Typically, it will include your company name, along with an image or icon that symbolizes something about your company. Maybe it’s your company’s purpose or a message you want to convey to your audience. Maybe it’s a pictorial version of your company name. A general rule of thumb for this type of logo is to keep it simple. Lots of colors and details can seem like a good idea, but they can clutter the design and reproduce poorly in different contexts (the business card, the billboard).

At Bold River Marketing, our design team has experience in creating unique logos tailored to the individual style and needs of each client we work with. Contact us today for more information on how you can get a logo for your business or organization.